Extended Writing: Narrative

Both a formal writing grade and Common Assessment #2

1. Dialogue Notes : Dialogue Notes Website

Dialogue Notes Handout:

2. Periods 2 & 4 12/6 ~ Narrative Examples Using Dialogue: Select two of these narratives to read & evaluate using the Narrative checklist.

Narrative Editing Checklist

3. Periods 3 & 6 Narrative Notes: Use the handout from class to take notes on the Narrative Writing article below.

4. Ms. O.'s. Narrative Example: Read the example below to get a feel for the type of writing you'll be doing in class.

5. Extended Write Prompt: Read the handout to see your prompt & begin writing your rough draft in your Journal.

Writing Skills: At the end of the semester, you should have notes in your Journal on these topics:

Active Beginnings / Writing Using the 5 Senses
Indirect Quotes, Direct Quotes & Dialogue
Theme Statements & Conclusions