Eee PC

Day One

1. CCC's for Eee's
  • Computer (favorite tab)
    • Open Office: word processing
    • Firefox: internet
    • Printing: Available (Will be reviewed).
    • Wikis: What's the point?
      • Why do we use Eee's instead of going up to the lab?
      • We are a community of writers with our Eee's.
  • Care
    • Clean up your area: journal & pencil only
    • Unplug assigned PC from cart, lay cord on shelf & return to desk & SIT
    • Thumbs only on the frame (glass)
    • Close/carry
    • Check the number: Turn it in, plug it in
  • Conduct (CCC's for Eee's)
    • You are responsible for this machine ALL YEAR LONG.
    • You will share this PC with three other students ALL YEAR LONG, so if there is a problem, there are only a few students who are responsible.
    • Digital Footprint Video
    • Brittney's Story Video

Day Two
  • Leftovers
  • Assign numbers & distribute Eee's

How it works: Computer Introduction
  • Ubuntu
  • Tabs are your friend
Did you know?