Access your Memoir notes here:

Access your Memoir Peer Revision Checklist and Rubric here:

Access the Memoir quiz here:

Publishing your Memoir to the wiki:
  • Make sure your Memoir has a full heading, title, font requirements are met, double spacing requirements are met, and everything looks just the way you want it.

  • From your Google Doc:
    • Click on the arrow button next to the "Share" button.
    • Click on "Publish to the web."
    • Click on "Start Publishing."
    • Click on "Ok."
    • Double click on the "Document Link" code to highlight all of it.
    • Right-click and click "Copy."
    • Close the boxes.

  • From the wiki:
    • Get to your Student Page.
    • Click on "Edit."
    • Go all the way to the bottom of your page and find your Seedfolks link.
    • Put your cursor at the end of the link and press Enter.
    • Type your first name, last initial, an apostrophe /s/, and the words "Memoir Page."
    • Highlight what you've just typed.
    • Go up to "Link" and click the box for "New Window" and then click "Add Link."
    • Save your wiki page.
    • Click on your new link to make it an official page.
    • Click on "Edit."
    • Click on "Link."
    • Click the middle tab "External Link."
    • Type your Memoir title into the first box.
    • Paste your document link into the second box.
    • Click the box for "New Window."
    • Click the button "Add Link."
    • Save your wiki page.

  • How to add a Wordle Cloud to your Memoir page:
    • Go back to your Google Memoir Doc.
    • Highlight the entire Memoir document and press Control C to copy the entire document.
    • Open a new tab and go to
    • Click on "Create"
    • Paste your entire Memoir into the box by pressing Control V and click on "Go."
    • Your Wordle Cloud will appear and there will be several changes you are welcome to make regarding the font, color, and alignment of the cloud.
    • In order to capture the image of your Wordle Cloud, follow the next few steps:
      • Click on "View" and use the "Zoom Out" feature until you can see your entire Wordle on the screen without having to scroll up or down
      • Press the "Prt Sc" button
      • Click on "Select Area to Grab"
      • Click on "Take Screen Shot"
      • Use the "+" symbol to click and drag over the entire Wordle Cloud
      • Upon finishing this, the saving screen will appear
      • Name your file your First Name and then use the word Wordle, "MelissaWordle"
      • Your file will save as a .png file and you want to save it to the Desktop

  • From the wiki:
    • Go back to your Student Page, click on your Memoir Page link, and go to "Edit."
    • Go to "File," "Upload Files," from "Desktop," find your Wordle file, and double click on it.
    • When your file appears on the uploading screen, double click on it, and it will appear on your wiki page.
    • Save your wiki page.

  • Here's an example of a Wordle Cloud: