8th Grade Language Arts & eee's: Getting Started

So, you are new to eee laptops?

Every student has a numbered computer.
Each student is responsible for care, cleaning & conduct while on using the computer.
Close & carry every laptop as you move around the classroom.
Always plug your eee back in after you're done using it, so the next class has battery juice for class work.

Big C's of eee's

Care-The eee is your responsibility. Never take it outside of the classroom. Always check to make sure that you only have one other item on your desk when you have your laptop on your desk. (Laptop & Inb, nothing else).

Conduct(Behavior)-Please leave the desktop alone and do not change the desktop icon. If you have a class task to complete, you may not play any games. If you do end up playing games without permission, you'll lose your eee privileges for the week and we'll need to speak with your parents to determine alternate assignments. Please be respectful if you use google chat and as you collaborate on writing via google docs.

What are wikis & blogs?

Google & lpsk12.org

This is the main site we'll use for class work and online writing & collaboration.

See me for your login information OR access through Infinite Campus by clicking on the Technology tab once
you've logged in. Set up your igoogle page first, then explore google documents.