What do you need?

Here is some help!

I need help with using quotes or Works Cited (sources list).

I need help in creating a Works Cited or Works Consulted page.

(known as a bibliography in olden times)

Noodle Tools Citation Help

Easy bib Citation Help

I need a reliable website for news & current events.

National Public Radio News

BBC World News

These news sites attempt at broadcasting unbiased news, interviewing many sides to a particular story.
They also admit when they've reported something incorrectly or have broadcast misinformation.

I need a quick reference on how to write well.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

I need to review a book online.


I need some audio books to listen to for school or fun.

Here is our LA wiki sources list:

commonsensemedia.org- Digital Footprint Video; Brittney's Story Video
google images
teachertube.com- Wikis in Plain English Video, etc; 3 Words for 8th grade Video
Mrs. Hamil's wiki
Historychannel.com-civil war videos
Purdue OWL
GMS Webpage
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Levesque
Mr. Stall
Mr. Porter
Mrs. Hamil
Mrs. Toland
Inspired Writing 2010